May 26, PipeThink talks about Energy East, and separates myth from fact

On May 26, we are hosting our next seminar to discuss the Energy East pipeline project and separate myth from reality.  The Energy East pipeline has become one of the most visible and widely debated projects in the energy sector, as Canada’s governments, industries, stakeholder groups and citizens wrestle with the realities of climate change and their continued dependence on fossil fuels – today, and for the forseeable future.

The seminar will feature Stefan Baranski, Regional Director for the Ontario segment of the Energy East project at TransCanada.  Mr. Baranski will outline a vision for the pipeline, and respond to criticism.

Additional speakers representing other viewpoints will be announced in the coming days.  Participants are guaranteed one half-hour of discussion time to allow everyone to ask a question, so we look forward to a lively and productive discussion.

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